Tuesday, May 28, 2024


In our cafe, we serve a sweet red bean soup with sticky rice dumplings and it comes with SHIO-KONBU (shredded salted kelp) on the small dish. Since the kelp is coming short, I went to the store in Hikone where I always buy it. However, I couldn't find it on the shelf. The shopkeeper said that they didn't keep it in the store anymore. Then I went to another store. I asked the young female shopkeeper if they had SHIO-KONBU. She seemed not to understand my question, so I repeated the question again. Then she asked me what it is used for. I said it comes with Ochaduke (a bowl of rice soaked in green tea) or with Zenzai (a sweet red bean soup). She went to the rear of the store and after coming back to me, she checked it on her mobile and said to me that the store didn't have it.

In the end, I ordered it on the internet at home. It was too bad that I couldn't get it in the local store and the young shopkeeper didn't know what SHIO-KONBU was.