Friday, March 22, 2024






    Ms.T was actively seeking support for establishing a free school for children who can not go to school, and collecting signatures for the petition. Since I agreed and cooperated with her activity by collecting signatures from others, she came to my cafe and gave me two eggs of silky fowl. I've never seen or heard the name of a silky fowl.It was larger than a quail egg but smaller than a regular egg.

    According to the net info., the silky fowl is a kind of chicken and all of its skin, internal organs and bones are black. In general it lays an egg once a week, so it is very expensive. One egg of this small silky fowl is worth a case of regular eggs. It is said there is four times more folic acid than a regular egg in a silky fowl and this functions in making red blood cells. That means it is good for blood formation.

     I wanted to take a photo of the inside of this egg, but I failed to crack it and the shape was distorted.
However, a part of it still remained in the shape and when I touched the yolk, it was elastic. I fried it with a little olive oil. It was rich and good of course.

    I have one more rare expensive silky fowl egg left. Well, I am now thinking how I will eat it.