Sunday, March 10, 2024



    「さんしゅうの木」と聞こえたので、頭に浮かんだのは「庭のさんしゅ〜う〜の」という歌。宮崎県の民謡「ひえつき節」の一節。調べると「庭の山椒の木 鳴る鈴かけてヨーホイ」とあり「山椒」と書かれています。山椒は普通「さんしょ(う)」ではないかと思いますが、どこを見てもこの漢字が使われていたので私は思い違いをしていたようです。


     I found an interesting branch at the morning local market. A woman at the market told me that it was Sanshuyu (Japanese cornel). Since the branches with many tiny yellow buds were beautiful, I bought and put them in the vase with laurel branches.

    I remembered a song which had the name of these flowers but later I found out that it was a different
flower. Anyhow, it is an early spring flower which has branches full of yellow flowers ahead of leaves.
In the fall, it has beautiful red fruits.

    It was a cold rainy day but I was happy looking at the branches with these beautiful tiny yellow buds.