Wednesday, March 27, 2024





    It is Vernal Equinox Day. I was expecting it to be a rainy day by weather forecast, but when I looked outside, it was sleeting which mede me surprised. In the calendar, it was the beginning of Spring and celebration day, so I set the national flag in front of my house anyhow. The rain stopped after a while.

    During this season, Japanese people usually visit ancestors' graves, but I had to give up doing so because of the bad weather.

    As for the silky fowl, I tried to break the other one and it worked this time. The york rose up and it was beautiful. Well, I decided to eat this valuable expensive egg raw on hot rice with drops of soy sauce.
We call it "Tamago-kake gohan" and it is a popular way of eating fresh eggs in Japan. It was so good!