Monday, March 18, 2024





    I visited the FL Wight Exhibition in the morning, then I went to Rone & Gigi's clown live performance at Aoyama with my friends in the afternoon. It was their fifth and last performance.

    I drank two glasses of white wine with a cutlet sandwich on my seat which I ordered beforehand from Maisen restaurant. I was so relaxed during the show and laughed at the funny scenes, gave an applause to their good clownings and artistic skills, and swung and danced from the seat. It was a really happy time.

     I wondered if I did the same thing before. Did I laugh out loud? Probably I looked at the stage with cold eyes before. (For what reason did I do so?) I am now enjoying the show without worrying about other people's eyes. I feel happy to react to the performance and enjoy being with clowns. I think this is a good way to open myself and to be free without any stress which many Japanese people can not do.