Friday, March 15, 2024






    At Zeze-yaki Museum, you are able to appreciate Hina Dolls of different eras, namely Edo, Meiji, Taisho and Showa. The museum is close to the second station from JR Ishiyama station and it has a very nice thatched roof gate.

    Museum director, Ms. Yukako Saito, explained about each Hina doll, potteries and tea utensils displayed at the museum. I learned many things from her explanation, for example, the display position of emperor and empress is different between Kyoto and other districts that were influenced by Edo Shogunate.There is a married lady among three official ladies who showed shaved eyebrows and this fact made me very surprised!

    The Japanese garden, which has a thatched tea house, was beautiful and there was a stone wash basin which was called "Heat haze fountain". When water drops there, you hear a very clear small metallic sound which is called Suikinkutsu. It was very strange, but the reason for it is that there was a jar underneath which made that beautiful sound by echoing.

    Zeze-yaki pottery and tea ceremony utensils in the museum were also very nice. Ms. Saito served Matcha tea for us with very nice Zeze-yaki pottery with which Hina doll was drawn. It was so good and I left the museum with a nice feeling.