Wednesday, March 13, 2024





     I almost forgot the last day that I was supposed to read a book for the third grader children at the local school but I was relieved because I remembered.

    The book I chose was "Function of the tail" (published by Fukuinkan). They introduce the tails of spider monkey, Japanese monkey, squirrel, kangaroo, canadian porcupine, lizard, rattlesnake, dolphin, etc.while questioning about something of the next appeared animal. Children were excited answering the question.

    After the reading, I asked the children if they had tails. They responded quickly " No!", others said "we used to have one". Then I asked why they didn't have tails now. This time, they took some time to think. I checked about the book beforehand but I enjoyed the reading very much. The drawings of the animals in the book were very good and it was a fun and nice book.