Wednesday, August 2, 2023



    先日、街中に面白いアイスクリーム屋がありました。Unicorn Taiyaki、「ユニコーン」とは一角獣と言われる架空の動物のこと。つまりたい焼き型のコーンに色々な味のアイスクリームを入れて、真ん中に角になるクッキーを刺し、両側に耳をつけたアイスクリーム。面白いので中に入ってたい焼きのコーンがどんなのか見てきました。狭いアイスクリーム屋さんでしたが、若者が沢山このUnicorn TAIYAKIアイスクリームを買っていました。


    American people like ice cream very much and even in winter they often eat it and you will be surprised at the number of ice cream kinds. I still remember male students were holding one quart of ice cream and eating it alone in the winter. I think most Japanese people don't have the idea of eating ice cream during the cold winter.

    I found an interesting ice cream shop in the town the other day. "Unicorn Taiyaki" was the name of the shop. Taiyaki is a popular Japanese sweet which is a fish shaped cake with a sweet red bean inside. They use a Taiyaki shaped cone instead of regular one and put ice cream in it. They also use a stick size cookie which is used as a horn and put two little ears on top of the ice cream. 

    Since I didn't buy Unicorn Ice Cream, I cannot report the taste and other points other than the appearance. It is a small ice cream shop but it was crowded with young people who entered to buy it. It is an interesting and unique idea. I was amused by it.