Tuesday, August 1, 2023


    ボストンから西に車で2時間半ほどのところにノーマン・ロックウェル(Norman Rockwell)美術館があります。予約したコンパクトカーが出払ってないとのことで、小さい車の値段で良いからと大きな車を使うことになり、初めてのことでびっくりしたけど乗ってみると安定感があり80マイル(130k/h)ぐらいでスムーズに目的地にいけました。

    ロックウェル(1894-1978)は20世紀のアメリカを代表する画家で主にThe Saturday Evening Postという雑誌の表紙を描いていました。人々の何気ない日常をユーモラスに表情豊かに愛情たっぷり描いています。1940年あたりの作品は戦争中であったため軍服を着た青年や深い悲しみや恐怖の中で祈る人々の表情などリアルです。赤ちゃんが大泣きしているのが何枚かあり微笑ましかったです。女の子の1日を描いた作品は寝る前にお祈りをする姿が印象的。どの絵もかつてのアメリカらしさが溢れ出ていました。


    There is a Norman Rockwell Museum which is located two and half hours by car in the west from Boston. I reserved a compact car beforehand, but the person at the car rental told me I can rent a bigger car for the same price of a compact because all the compact cars were gone for renting. It was a really big car and I was afraid to drive it, but soon I got used to driving it. It was much smoother and stable than the compact car.

    Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) a painter / illustrator who represents one of the 20 century America. He was mainly drawing the front page of Saturday Evening Post. He drew peoples' daily lives with humor, liveliness and warmth. I was moved by his detailed, realistic, and sincere expression. I saw many babies in his drawing and most of them were crying loudly which was very cute. There was an illustration telling the day in the life of one girl and Norman Rockwell drew this in detail and in a funny way. One of the illustrations where the girl prays beside her bed made me feel humble.

    At the MacDonald's, where we stopped by for rest, we ordered cheeseburger, Filet-O-Fish, French fries and coke. It was a little over $13. I was expecting higher, but I think it is an acceptable price.