Wednesday, August 16, 2023





     The day after I returned from Boston, I opened my cafe until 9 p.m. because there was a summer lantern festival at Taga Taisha for three days. It seemed a little crazy for me to work so hard without taking any rest after a long flight. It was really hard and made me tired, but I could get through anyhow. I woke up very early in the morning, probably because of jetlag, so I weeded the neglected area around the back yard house while it was still cool.

    Obon holidays have started and people usually take vacation for about a week. There are various people who come to my cafe. For example, youth who are preparing for entrance exams visit Taga Taisha with their parents to pray for getting through the exams successfully. Family from Shizuoka prefecture came to pick up their son who is working at Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture to get together during the holidays, and they just stopped by my cafe on their way home. There was a middle aged couple whose husband is working at Shiga and his wife came to see him from Hokkaido. I was glad to have a chance to chat with them. Usually people who visit Taga Taisha stop by my cafe after their visit to the shrine, but in this terrible heat, many customers come to my cafe first to take a rest, then they go to the shrine.

    When I went to the nearest supermarket in Hikone after closing the cafe, the intense heat in the daytime let up and I felt good.