Monday, August 21, 2023





    Hearing the rattle of the house because of the strong wind and rain in the typhoon since last night, I woke up and the entire day remained in the same situation.

    I closed my cafe temporarily in this bad weather, so I thought that I had plenty of time to do what I want but I didn't do anything special but spend time absentmindedly. Since I had to send a few more fliers of the Marimba Concert at my cafe in September, I went out to the post office when the rain was letting up. I didn't see anybody and only two cars were passing by me.

     Today was the anniversary of the end of Second World War. My uncle (father's younger brother) died in this war. I was thinking of him although I never met him. Thousands of people are still killed in war. Forest fire in Hawaii Maui destroyed the beautiful island and over a thousand people were killed by terrible disaster. I get speechless and feel empty.