Saturday, August 26, 2023






    It's late August but still terribly warm these days and you need to prepare in your mind when you go out in this weather. I was determined to go to the supermarket at around 2:30. After getting necessary things, I went to Cafe Greco which my old friend runs to ask them to let me place flyers for the Marimba Concert which will be held in my cafe on the 23rd of September. At Cafe Greco, I ordered a Soda Float which was so good!

    On the way home, I stopped by another store to buy envelopes and when I came out of the store, I felt small drops of water. I thought that it would start to rain. When I was pedalling my bicycle, I saw a strong thunder lightning ahead of me. Few seconds later, much stronger rain started falling. I was on my bicycle, but I thought I couldn't go farther and should find some place to shelter from the rain. I dashed to a Convenience store nearby.

    There was fearful thunder and heavy rain. Since it was so scary, I unintentionally cried out loud, but a man who was also waiting in front of the Conbini for the rain to stop seemed not to hear my scream, since we didn't have any eye contact with each other.

    After a while, the eastern sky became bright and it looked like the thunder storm would be over shortly. Although it was still raining, the man left first, and next I left. I didn't enter the Conbini and didn't buy anything, but I really appreciated the existence of Convenience Store.