Tuesday, November 29, 2022




    My precious dried persimmons were attacked by crow! About three weeks ago, I received a lot of Shibu-gaki (rough persimmons, not sweet at all), which are all for making dried ones. My friends who were staying at my house kindly peeled off all the skin and tied them with strings which people prepare for making dried ones. All I did was hang them outside under the roof so they needed air to make sweet dried persimmons in three or four weeks.

    The incident happened this morning. When I was preparing cake and Inarizushi for the cafe, someone knocked on the back door abruptly. It was an old worker who was one of the roof fixing people. He said that a crow was taking my persimmons away!! I rushed to the site and saw that some were already gone, some were dropped down, some were half gone but another half were still hanging. Only four pairs of persimmons were safe. The old man said, "Once the crow finds the food, he eats quickly."  It was a battle game between a human and a crow and the crow stole my precious persimmons in a sneaky way but he couldn't get them all. I didn't lose completely. I have heard from a local woman that wild monkeys took all persimmons. Indeed it is a severe fight to get food between humans and wild animals.