Sunday, November 27, 2022





    Owner of a liquor shop in town delivered some gifts to me. Two 1.8 liter Japanese Sake bottles and one wine bottle. It says "Omimai (Present for encouragement)" on the wrapping. I wondered if it came because I am having a cold? But the sender doesn't know about it. These are too many liquors for me, as I am not a heavy drinker.

    After closing the cafe, I called the sender, putting so much effort into making my voice. She is living near my house and I visited her. An old lady living alone said to me that it was for the workers who are now fixing my roof. People in this area have been sending liquor if someone is fixing the house. She continued that I can just give the bottles to the head of workers to show my thanks. She also gave me a bottle of wine. I guess all these gifts were in return for my small meal for her made up of leftovers when I made boxed dinner upon the request from customers. I am not putting any effort into doing this, but she just appreciates it.

    Getting back to the topic of the gift for the workers, I think it must be too much because I need to pay a lot for repairing the roof, but anyhow, I will just follow as this old lady suggested.