Saturday, November 26, 2022



    I have been having a cough and mild sore throat since a few days ago, but didn't feel any problem about my body condition, so I didn't pay any special attention except for washing my hands and gargling my throat frequently. This morning, when I tried to say "good morning" to one of the men who are now fixing the roof, I realized that I had no voice. It was only a few meters away between me and the men, and I tried several times to make a voice but he didn't notice me. After trying a couple of times to say good morning, finally my low weak voice reached him. I explained that I am having a problem to speak.Then he asked me "Did you get Covid-19?" I was quite fine other than I had no voice, but I decided to do Covid-19 self-test which was the package I bought from Boston last time. The result was "Negative". I think I just caught a cold and it might be necessary to lead a balanced lifestyle to be a healthy person.