Thursday, November 24, 2022



    My computer went suddenly down and has not worked at all. The person in the service center told me that it would cost more than I expected to repair it. I was in a panic in this situation. Luckily there was a computer techie person just in time and offered to help. Even though I needed to buy another computer, I could use SNS anyhow with her help. It has been more than ten days since this incident. I would like to report first that all the clown events (clown talk, two performances and workshop for two days) have successfully ended.

    Every Clown event was rich, deep, funny and very friendly. The more we know about clown, and the more we watch clown’s performances, ”the holy fool, clown" makes us relax and live like a human. In a way, ”Laughing honestly” is a barometer of our lives. You might not notice that you are so serious and don't laugh or your facial muscles are getting stiff. The world in which Clown Rone & Gigi created on the stage was shining, lovely and happily. It was so amazing!