Thursday, December 8, 2022

 今回、中学生の読み聞かせで何を読もうかと考えていたところふと思いついたのが「さあ、いこう どこへいこう」ではじまるこの詩。静かに聞いてくれる中一の生徒たちですが、生徒たちにも詩に参加してもらうことを狙ってこの「GO」を選びました。原文は使われている人物名がフルシチョフとか古く、また「煙草吸いながら」など今どきではないので、谷川さんには失礼ながら、少し言葉を替えさせてもらいました。


    I went to Junior High School for story telling. The book I chose was a poem named "GO" by Shuntaro Tanikawa instead of a story book.

    When I was a college student, I sometimes went to Live studio in Shibuya. There, poets Tanikawa and my favorite poem reader, Mitsuko Hase and other members read poems and all wore black turtlenecks. "GO '' was one of the poems they were reading chasing after each other without holding a book. I remember them because the reading style was quite new and impressive to me.

    When I was thinking about a book for Junior High School students, "Go" came to mind. They usually listen to my reading very well but this time I wanted them to participate in reading. In the original poem many names were very old such as Khrushchev in Soviet, or some phrases were not updated such as "while smoking", so I needed to change them so the younger generation could understand easily the situation.

    Well, I was still worried about whether students would follow my reading and participate well. I said to the students that without their cooperation, I can not finish this poem and I made time to rehearse some parts with them. I replaced the old words and phrases with the new ones such as names of the games or sports which seems more familiar to students.

    As a result, some parts were still difficult to unite with all but I think it was a nice challenge for them to participate in the poem with the rhythm. The most excited person was of course me. Reading poems aloud is much more fun than reading silently. I hope they enjoyed it.