Friday, December 9, 2022




    The weather was unstable today. I wondered whether I should dry clothing outside or inside after washing, then I checked the net weather forecast. According to that, it was cloudy in the morning but cleared up in the afternoon, so I decided to dry them outside. It was still cloudy around noon, however, I put them inside the house.

    Since I was expecting to go to the grocery store in the afternoon, I set the cleaning robot Roomba ON so it would be working while I was out and about to leave my house by bicycle. Then I saw it was raining rather hard. I just hesitated but I needed to get something for the cafe, so I decided to go out with a rain jacket, rain pants, hat, scarf, sunglasses and backpack on my shoulder. Having a bitter feeling about the weather forecast because it should have cleared up, I headed for the store anyhow. I saw the bright sky and the rain became weak but it didn't stop yet. There was a woman who was riding her bicycle with an umbrella opened in her right hand and holding the handle in her left hand. It was amazing but I knew that I am not the person to be able to ride in such a tricky way. I held the handle with both hands and came back home safely.