Thursday, December 29, 2022




    I had a phone call from Mr. O who often stops by my cafe on the way to work or coming back from work. He told me that he was going to bring some scallops to share with me which his family received from someone.

    It was after 10 pm. He came and handed the plastic bag to me. As a matter of fact I was expecting to receive white scallops in a box, but the bag was heavy and I found some scallop shells were in it. They were from Hokkaido by his relatives. It was the first time to receive these row shells and I didn't know the way to shuck the shellfish. YouTube kindly provided the way how to shuck and introduced several kinds of cooking of scallops. Then I just followed it and made it. I tasted a slice of the fresh scallop, it was sweet and good! Next day, I cooked those scallops using fresh broccoli which was also from the vegetable field of my friend. It was a happy dinner to enjoy fresh seafood and vegetables.