Monday, December 19, 2022




    Since it was a beautiful day, I took a morning walk today. I had been suffering from an ache around my waist and left upper leg but it was not a big problem this morning. My friends who I met last weekend in Tokyo worried about my problem and took very warm care of me. Thanks to them all.

At Taga Taisha, it seems they are preparing for the special day which are New Years Eve and New Years celebration days. Dried big oak tree leaves were still stuck to the branches in the winter strong wind and it surprised me a lot.

After getting out from the shrine woods, I saw Ryoozen mountain which was covered with snow as I expected because of the cold weather. It was so fresh and beautiful and kept my eyes on it. On the way back home, Seiryu-zan, which is a sacred mountain of Konomiya Shrine, stood in front on my left, and Hira mountains which were beyond Biwa Lake, also shining in white on my right far away.

Right now, a big project of building a bypass of route 8 which completely destroys this beautiful country view of Taga town is rising up. I am stunned by this reckless plan.