Tuesday, August 2, 2022





    It has been several years since I didn't keep my car in Boston. Since then, I rent a car when I need it such as going away from Boston but usually I take a bus or walk to the mall for shopping. ( My husband who doesn't drive uses Instacart for his usual necessity.)

    The bus stop which we had been using was taken away a few months ago, and we needed to walk to another bus stop which is about one block away.

    The other day, I had a little bit of an embarrassing experience related to this bus stop. I was waiting for the bus at "the new bus stop". There are times that the bus driver doesn't pay attention to the people at the stop and passes by without letting them ride, so I waved my hand to the driver when the bus approached. The bus stopped and I could get into the bus. A couple days after, I was also waiting for the bus, there I saw another bus stop sign which I passed by from my home. I got confused and looked at the sign where I was waiting. It was not a bus stop but the sign of "LEFT LANE MUST TURN LEFT". I hurried up to the right bus stop and got on the bus. My mistake occurred because all the signs faced the drivers and only the back side of the signs came in our sight. I laughed at myself because I was waiting for the bus at the place which was not related to the bus stop but the bus driver stopped for me and let me get on the bus without saying any warning. What an open minded bus driver he was! I thanked him very much.