Monday, July 25, 2022





    Since there is a little pond near by my house, water birds such as ducks often come up to the road. This time, I saw a very rare animal passing by my house. They were wild turkeys. Male turkeys were almost twice as big as female ones and looked very heavy. Male one's face was red and covered with feathers which overlap complicatedly. It was the first time for me to see them in such a short distance.

    When we hear "turkey", we know that people get together with family and eat roasted turkey at the occasion of Thanksgiving or Christmas in the US. We also buy turkey which are separated into parts and eat it regularly. They are less expensive compared to chicken. 

    Seeing these wild turkeys so vividly made me scared. When I approached to take a photo, a male turkey was coming toward me, so I stepped back. They have gorgeous feathers but I guess they are not able to fly any more. I was wondering what was the relationship within this turkey group and wanted to ask them.