Sunday, July 24, 2022



    I came to Boston after five months since I visted last time. Right now, I am in jetlag which makes the day and night opposite and I feel tired both in my body and brain. Today I put my shoes on for a walk after three days since I arrived in Boston.

    It was before dawn and the air was cool and fresh, nobody was outside yet. I could hear the watering sound from the sprinkler in the yard and car noise which came from far away. Passing by the houses which don't care about the water bill for the sprinkler, I found a different view from the past that there were some houses with Ukraine flags for support. While I was walking, a bird suddenly jumped up from the bushes on the sidewalk, squirrel ran through the yard and this surprised me a little. When I was approaching my house, the sun was rising up and the view of a small pond nearby was beautiful with water birds. Ducks were walking with their slow pace on the big road, and a hare stayed quietly in my yard.

    I was happy to share the time of this calm beautiful morning with those animals before the temperature of the air rose up.