Tuesday, August 2, 2022





    Since I had an appointment, I visited Wellesley College where I used to work after many years. Almost no students and staff were on campus because it was during the summer vacation, I only saw a group sitting in the yard and listening someone's talk ( probably it was a summer program for highschool students). I also saw a couple of small family groups who visited campus for the college selection before the application.

    Wellesley College is located western part of Massatusetts and in the suburbs of Boston. Wellesley College is a women's college with no graduate program which has about 2300 students. I worked for this college for 20 years and little more before. I took only a few photos because of the time limit, but you will see how beautiful the college is surrounded by lots of green. There is also a man-made lake in a vast area. It is a dreamy campus for most Japanese.

    In the late 80's, the Japanese economy was in good health, and it made a Japanese language boom in US colleges. Many Japanese programs were short of teaching staff. Although I was not in the field of linguistics or language education, professor T. Monane in Harvard was interested in my background. I was in a Japanese theatrical company and had been trained in basic Japanese vocalization, so she hired me as a language instructor. After teaching Japanese at Harvard for eight years, I moved to Wellesley College. Receiving the benefit of a good Japanese economy, I spent precious and joyful days among US college students who were full of energy and talent and those were my happiest days in my memories.