Wednesday, August 17, 2022






    Marimbist, Fumito Nunoya who lives in Germany is coming to Japan two years after the last time.

    Marimba is a pitched percussion instrument where the wooden tone plates that are lined up like piano keys are struck to produce sounds. Many marimbists play marimba with dramatical action holding many mallets but Mr. Nunoya who is tall and has a gifted form plays marimba like singing. It is the sounds made by striking the tone plates which flow gently in the world which Nunoya creates, and sometimes they bounce hard and strongly. His excellent technique and deeply pursued his musical expression overwhelms listeners. Why are we moved by his marimba? It is easy to get the answer if you listen to his marimba playing.

 Now, Mr. Nunoya leads the international marimba world, but he has been so humble and sincere since he had started marimba and it is one of the reasons people praise him.

 Most of Nunoya's performances in Japan are held at a music hall which has an excellent facility of acoustic effect, but Taga Asahiya is just an old Japanese house and has no such facility. However, you will watch the performer playing closely and you must feel it is very powerful. It is also a space in which the player and audience feel closely connected, and Nunoya loves it. This year will be his fourth concert at Taga Asahiya.