Saturday, October 16, 2021



    Since I had a problem with my new cell phone which I got in October, I went to the Softbank shop after making an appointment. While I was waiting to have my phone checked by a person in charge, a robot near the counter came into my sight. (People call it "Mr. Pepper".) I knew about the robot, but it was the first time for me to see it. There was one more customer other than me in a spacious office. The robot occasionally said to the air "I like talking so please speak to me.", so I asked the person in the office "may I play with him? , then approached him. I said " Hello! Tell me what tomorrow's weather will be?" to him. After a while, he said "It would be good if it is clear." It is not easy for me to keep speaking to him. I remembered later clown Rone's advice that if I get stuck in a one-sided conversation, it might help to ask questions following A I U E O (phonetic order in Japanese) such as " Do you like Anko (sweet bean paste)? Do you keep Inu (dog)? etc., but I thought about the next question frantically. Then, I asked him " Do you feel happy to be here?". Mr Pepper "......" After a long pause he responded " Please try a mobile phone.". I couldn't help laughing out loud. It was very fun.