Monday, October 11, 2021



    We had a clear sky for several days but it turned cloudy. I received persimmons and it's big branch from Ms.O, a neighbor who returned to her native home and so the house has been empty for decades. I put the branch into a big pot in the warehouse. It suits the atmosphere of the warehouse very much and I feel autumn even inside the house. Ms. O gave many persimmons other than branches and I enjoyed the taste of some of them. Recently I could find seedless persimmons at the supermarket, but it is also good to enjoy the color combination of light vermion of flesh of fruit and shining dark brown of seed in a regular one. I got pomegranates from Ms. Y in Hikone a few days ago. Although she gave them to me to eat, I put them in the vase to watch instead. I appreciate the stable and calm feeling watching those fruits on branches.