Monday, October 4, 2021





    It was the first Sunday of October and a sunny day, just following the cancellation of the emergency declaration. It seemed people were relieved to be free from the stress of the restrictions. On the Ema-doori (street) and in Taga shrine area, Sunday morning market and Izanami market were held.

    In Taga Asahiya, we served Izanami Lunch because of the first Sunday of the month. The menu was the following; figs and raw ham mixed with dressing, Salad of persimmon, yam and daikon, Fried shrimp, Green salad, egg in the pouch, Candied sweet potato, boiled chicken with fruits, Chestnut rice and clear soup of chicken and oyster mushroom. We were so glad that guests were enjoying their lunch and conversation in different areas of the house.

    I received cotton rosemallows in Japanese "Sui-fuyoh (酔芙蓉: lit.buzzed rosemallows) " which had many pure white flowers. She said that they would turn the color pink. Few hours later, since I had time to put them in a vase from a bucket, white flowers had already turned pink. It was just like a rosemallow getting drunk. Interesting flowers.