Thursday, October 7, 2021


    営業日には「多賀あさひや」の暖簾を掛けておりますが休業日など暖簾を出していない時は私どもが何をしている店か分からないとよく言われます。そこで、ことうヘムスロイド村に工房を持つ鉄作家「緞 フォージ・ワークス」の石倉創・康夫ご兄弟に看板作りをお願いしました。硬い鉄の素材を優しく優雅な作品に創り上げる石倉兄弟の数々の仕事は著名な建築家の方々に絶賛されています。そんな石倉さん達にカフェの看板をお願いするなど敷居が高かったのですが、気さくで温かなお二人は引き受けてくださり、これまた素晴らしい木工作家の岡井大介さんも巻きこんで、これまで見たこともない素敵な看板を作ってくださいました。

    I usually hang our shop curtain on business days, but I don't when it is a regular closing day, so some people might wonder what kind of shop it is when they don't see the shop curtain. Then I asked Hajime & Yasuo Ishikura to make a sign for the cafe. They are iron artists of Tan Forge Works in Kotoh Hemslojd Village. Many famous architects praise their works very much, as they are created gently and elegantly from hard material of iron. At first, I was hesitant to ask such a great artist to make a sign for my small coffee shop, but they kindly accepted my request and made a wonderful original shop sign involving Daisuke Okai who is also a great wood artist. I like it very much and thank the Ishikura brothers and Okai. I think it will be a nice symbol of my cafe.