Sunday, August 8, 2021



    When I was relaxing at home since the rain had stopped at dawn, suddenly heavy rain started and I heard the sound of the house squeaking. I knew that a typhoon was approaching. When I checked the weather forecast, rainy days will continue and I was worried about the shortage of vegetables for preparing boxed lunch which I had already requested. After a while, the rain stopped and I thought I would be able to go to the grocery store, so I quickly carried my backpack and opened the front door. Then the rain again started heavily. Giving up on going out, I decided to stay at home. Shortly after, it became bright again and I thought there was no chance to go out except that time, so I went out by bicycle. Fortunately the west sky was bright and it was not raining although the wind was stronger than usual. I was able to get to the supermarket and buy vegetables and other stuff. There were many branches scattered on the way, the side ditch was almost full of water, trees shook greatly, and a strong wind hit my bicycle. Therefore I was relieved after I managed to carefully drive my bicycle back home.