Saturday, August 21, 2021



    It was a day during which the weather changed rapidly. I took a walk in the morning and when I was having breakfast, I heard rain was falling, so I thought that I had to give up going to the grocery store, then stayed at home for a while. The rain stopped shortly, so I decided to go out by bicycle with a rain jacket, hat and sunglasses. In the middle of the way, the rain started pouring and I stopped at a convenience store to wait until the rain subsided. The rain stopped again, so I headed to a supermarket. When I finished shopping, it started raining again. Since the sky was dark gray and it seemed it didn't stop raining, there was no way to go home in the rain. I was soaked. There was another person who I guessed was a high school boy, who was also on a bike in front of me. While we were waiting at the traffic light, we shared the same feeling of being drenched. He took a different way after the signal. Even though I went the pedestrian's way, water splashed from cars which passed by and the biggest one was from a heavy truck. I couldn't stop laughing at this. The cardboard box in the basket of my bike which was full of groceries was soaked. I dried each card in my wallet one by one once I got home. In the early evening, I could see a beautiful sunset and the moon was shining quietly.