Saturday, August 14, 2021





    Many people got scared watching the news of flooding of the river because of the heavy rain. In my area, it was raining heavily after 8 a.m.. As I was worried about the flood of the yard, Ms.Y, who was drenched, came to warn me that the situation of Kurumado river which runs beside the shrine was awful and I should be very careful because overflowed water might come to me.

    In the past, almost half a century ago, when we had a big typhoon, the front street flooded like a river and water penetrated into the house. I remember that we took tatami mats to avoid getting wet and scooped out water with the family. It didn't happen again after conservancy works, but neighbours made their entrances a bit elevated when they rebuilt their house because they were afraid of flooding again. Compared to that, my old house which has stayed the same since the Edo period is lower than others and it makes me worried.

    On the way to the mailbox, I went to take a look at the Kurumado river. Oh my goodness! The stream was muddy and overflowed! Old man in the neighbourhood said that it would be the worst down stream. It rained on and off. In the afternoon it seemed much milder but according to the weather forecast, rainy days will continue for several days. I think that people living near the big rivers or mountain sides must be very worried about the long and heavy rain. I really hope the rain stops shortly and things return to normal daily life.