Saturday, April 3, 2021




    Turning to the new calendar of the month,on a calm bright day, I went for a walk after a long time. Cherry blossoms in Taga Taisha are fully opening, and all branches with flowers are stretching out quietly. People both past and present had been amazed by this beauty and tried to express this in poems, paintings and photos. I, who is not able to do either of these, am simply appreciating to look at this view.

    After worship at the shrine and walking through woods, I kept walking the path in the rice field. I felt so good in the mild wind and bright sunshine. On the way back from Kimagure Market (local unmanned vegetable stand), I found a spot to sit to eat local summer oranges which I had just bought at the vending machine of the market. It was a nice view in which I could see mountain cherry blossom scattered in the mountains. A couple of small cabbage white butterflies came and flew away. "Nature makes humans humble". Tohkoh Shinoda who was an artist and passed away March 1st this year at the age of 107, left these words . Admiring and thinking of her philosophy, clear-thinking and artistry, I stayed there for about an hour.