Saturday, April 17, 2021





    I recieved Japanese cypress wood waste from carpenters who are working to repair a neighbor's old house. Before when I was looking at wood chips of Japanese cypress in the waste bag, one of the senior carpenters told me if I put those chips in the bathtub, it will be good for the body, so I took some chips to my home and tried in my bath time. It was indeed very good. In Japan, we have Japanese cypress wood bathtub and I felt as if I was in there to purify myself.

    I regret that time because I took only a few chips of wood, so I asked them when they will have waste cypress wood again, and they saved some more for me even though I don't mind the size of the wood. ( I didn't want them to take the trouble to cut.) The other day, they kindly came to bring some waste cypress wood for me which made me very happy. I cut them with an ax into appropriate sizes and put them into the bathtub. 

    It was sooo good. Carpenters are very friendly and sometimes they joke with me. They took care when a strange animal came into the attic of my house, a young carpenter took off the big nail from the wall, etc. they have been so good since the repairing started last year. It seems it is the end of their work. To tell the truth, I wish the repairs will continue for longer. I know that it is too egoistic.