Tuesday, April 6, 2021




    Last Sunday, I prepared a special lunch, Izanami Lunch, without having any room in my mind to check the weather outside. I also had reservations about taking out Mochiko-cakes and Inari-zushi, so I prepared more than usual. I felt that the opening hour came soon but I could serve this special lunch for the guests anyhow and I was so relieved.

    Today's menu: Grilled mackerel with thin Japanese noodles, rape green mixed with mustard, Green salad, Grilled pork, Spinatch and other vegetables dressed with tofu, miso, white sesame and miso, Soft boiled soybeans and seaweed, Seasoned rice with goboh root, carrot and fried tofu and soupe. There is a Japanese pepper tree in my garden and the leaves are so fresh and smell good. I put some on the rice to let the guests feel spring.