Monday, January 25, 2021

急なお知らせですが、週末に山田周生さんのトークイベントをします。山田周生さんは既にご存知の方も多いですが、バイクでサハラ砂漠を単独縦断30回以上、2輪と4輪でパリダカールラリー3度完走、BDF車で地球1周、東北大震災以後は岩手で被災地支援をしながら環境とエネルギー問題に取り組み活動をしています。今年はできるだけ多くの方に参加いただきたいと1月29日(金曜日)の午後6時と30日(土曜日)の午後1時の二回講演をお願いしました。さて今回はどんなお話になるでしょうか。ドキドキワクワク…。連絡お待ちしています‼ Please excuse my late notice. This weekend, we will have Shusei Yamada's talk event at my cafe, Taga Asahiya. As many people already know, Mr. Yamada solo-travelled through the Sahara Desert by his motorcycle more than thirty times, participated in Pari-Dakar Rally three times and finished all goals (two times by motorcycle, one four wheel car), drove around the earth by BDF car. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, he did disaster area support in Iwate prefecture, and has been actively working on environmental problems and energy issues. This year, since I wish many people can participate in his talk events as possible, I asked Mr. Yamada to give us two talks (Jan.29 at 6pm and Jan.30 at 1pm). We are very excited about what he will be going to say. Hope many people will come to the event.