Wednesday, January 20, 2021

毎年1月19日はこの辺りに獅子舞がくる日。今年はあいにく雪がちらつく寒い日でコロナもあって去年に比べると寂しい絵馬通りと我がカフェでしたが、遠くから一軒一軒近づくにつれて大きくなってくる笛や太鼓の音を聞いていると何かしら心落ち着かなくはしゃいだ気持ちになります。笛に合わせて剣(つるぎ)や鈴、御幣(ごへい)でお獅子がカフェの中で舞を舞ってくれた後、私は頭を噛んでもらい、今度は外で太鼓やシンバルのような鳴り物が加わり獅子二頭の舞になります。総勢10人ぐらいの伊勢からの獅子舞一座を今年も絵馬通りにお迎えすることができました。Every year, on Jan.19th Shishi-mai troupe comes to our neighborhood. Due to the cold weather with snow flurries as well as the effect of coronavirus, we don't see many people on the street and in my cafe. Even so, when I hear the sound of the flute and drum approaching toward my cafe, I get excited and can't sit still. After Shishi (lion) danced to the sound of flute with sword, bells and wand with white paper, it bit my head promising my health for this year. Then, two Shishis danced, adding drum and metal instruments like tiny cymbals. We are happy to have the troupe this year, too, which consists of about 10 members from Ise in Mie-prefecture.