Sunday, October 25, 2020

屋根裏に無断侵入し夜中に不気味な足音で真下にいる私を不安がらせていた小動物への対策として、役場の獣害対策専門の一円さんが動物の通りそうな所に罠を設置してくださり後は餌のリンゴに近づくのを待つばかりとなりました。とはいえ、その夜も寝ようと電気を消すと、またノシノシと歩く音。これは侵入口となっている壁の穴が問題、怪しげな動物との共存などとてもできないと穴を塞ぐ方法を考えていたところ、お隣に大工さんが塀の修繕に来ていたのでちょっと相談してみました。すると、工務店のご主人が穴を見せてと言って屋根裏を覗いてくださり、穴を塞ぐのは素人の私では無理だ、今左官屋さんが来ているから話しておくよ、と言ってくださいました。カフェが終わって隣に行くと若い大工さんが一人残っていて左官屋さんはもう外から屋根に上がって穴を塞いで帰られたと言うのです。屋根裏を覗いてみると確かに穴は塞がっています。お礼も支払いもまだですが、左官屋さんの素早い対応にびっくり!今年は蜂の巣の時も今回の動物闖入事態も一人では解決が難しかった問題を、色々な方たちが温かく助けてくださいました。皆さんのご親切がこれほど身に沁みたことはありません。The countermeasure for small animals which came into my attic at night without my permission and made me feel uneasy under the ceiling was a trap set by Mr. Ichien who is a specialist of animal damage countermeasures at Taga townhall. I then waited for the animal to come for the food in the trap. However I could still hear the noise of an animal walking in the attic after I turned off the light to sleep at night. I thought that unless the halls of the attic are not closed, the animal would keep coming in and I could not cooperate with that mysterious animal. When I was thinking about how I could close the holes, I remembered that house contractors were working next to my house repairing an old wooden wall, so I went to ask for some advice from them. The head of the contractors kindly came to take a look at my attic and said "it's too hard to repair for amateurs, but right now we have a nice plasterer working with us. I'll talk about it to him". After the cafe was closed, I went to the next house. There was one young contractor left and said to me that the plasterer finished his work early and went up to the roof of my house from outside to close the holes. He had already done it and went home. I went upstairs and looked into the attic. The holes were closed as he said. Wow!I was amazed by his quick work. This year, I received a lot of warm help from many people for the problems which I couldn't solve by myself, for instance when I had honeycombs under the eaves in the summer and now with this animal who got into my attic. I deeply appreciate their kindness and support.