Wednesday, October 7, 2020

横田順(すなお)さんの墨画展が2日(金曜日)から始まっています。油彩でも水彩でもなく、また水墨画でもない独自の画法で描かれた墨画が「多賀あさひや」の蔵、座敷、離れ、廊下、はたまた普段はプライベートな場所の食堂などにも飾られて、それぞれ魅力的な世界を創り出しています。いつもは掛け軸や写真、版画、エッチングなどを掛けている壁面に、あるいは何もなかった場所に横田さんの様々な作品が置かれ、家中がギャラリーになるという何とも贅沢な心持ちを味わっています。そして、それぞれの作品が民家に溶け込み静かに息をしていることに不思議な感動を覚えます。絵からの語りかけが家屋の壁や柱や家具などと上手く呼応していて実に嬉しいです。Bokuga (Sumi-ink painting) exhibition by Sunao Yokota started last Friday. It is neither oil painting nor watercolor painting, but also not traditional ink painting. It was originally created by Yokota and about 20 of her works were displayed in a storage room (Kura), two guest rooms, hall way and even a dining room which is opened only for this occasion and each of them created their own artmosphere. Yokota's paintings are displayed in the alcove and walls where I usually hang scrolls, photos, woodprints and etching. I feel so rich to be in a gallery with those wonderful paintings. I am also impressed with Yokota's paintings which fit into my old Japanese house. The expressions from each of Yokota's paintings and the old walls, pillars and furniture in the house resonate with each other and it makes me so happy.