Thursday, October 22, 2020

開催中の横田順(すなお)さんの墨画展に3度目の来場をいただいた彦根のA先生ご夫妻。いつも奥様にはお手作りの美味しい食べ物を頂くのですが、本日は素敵な和菓子をいただきました。深まりゆく秋にふさわしい栗のお菓子です。お菓子が入っていた入れ物にも栗が描かれています。行き届いた奥様の御心遣いに感激です。戴いたお菓子が繊細で手間がかかっていることは外見を見ただけでわかります。大きな栗はまるでマロングラッセのように深みのある贅沢な味わいでした。栗を潰して練り上げ形良く包んだ方は、栗の風味が上品で口にいれると優しく溶けます。どちらも玄人はだしの腕前です。カフェが終わり、テイクアウトのお弁当を渡して、夕食を済ませた後、ゆっくりと素敵なデザートをいただきました。横田さんの墨画展は28日まで。月木の定休日を除くと残り数日です。どの作品も墨の濃淡に作家の全てが投入されている横田さん独自の世界。カフェは落ち着いた時間が流れています。Mr. & Mrs .A from Hikone came for a third visit to the Bokuga (Sum-ink painting) Exhibition by Sunao Yokota. Everytime they come, I receive delicious food homemade by Mrs. A and today she gave me beautiful Japanese sweets. They were chestnut sweets which suit the deep Autumn season. There were chestnut drawings on the container. I thank her for her consideration. I could easily guess that she took a lot of time to make such beautiful sweets. The big chestnut was like the French sweet, Marron Glace and it had a deep and rich taste. The other one which seemed to be a mushed chestnut had a sophisticated chestnut taste and melted away in the mouth. Both are well made sweets which would put a professional to shame. After closing the cafe and giving take-out Bentohs to a customer, and eating my supper, I enjoyed these sweets. Yokota's Exhibition will be until 28th. There are only a few days left. Ms. Sunao Yokota put all her energy into shading of Sumi ink and it is her original world. During this beautiful exhibition, a deep and calm time is passing by at the cafe, Taga Asahiya.