Friday, August 7, 2020

お盆を前に散歩のかわりに裏の赤坂山へお墓掃除。7月にも草取りはしておいたものの雑草はまた顔を出しているに違いないと再びお墓へ。坂を登りながら吹き出る汗に真夏を実感します。うちへ帰ってシャワーを浴びて遅い朝食をとり風通しの良いところで本を読み始めると間も無く睡魔がやってきて素直に隣の和室でゴロン。庭からいい風が入ってきて何とも贅沢な気持ち。風鈴の音を耳に昔と同じ天井を眺めていると子供時分の夏休みがアレコレ蘇ります。ごろごろ、ゴロゴロ、仰向け、寝返り、タタミ最高!なんてしばらく目をつむっていたらお昼を知らせるサイレンの音。「よし!こんな日はひやむぎ。」と起き上がって愛知の方にいただいた金魚印の手延べひやむぎの支度。薬味たっぶり(ミョウガ、ネギ、青じそ、錦糸卵、鶏肉、生姜)でおいしくいただきました。8月6日は原爆投下の日、コロナや尖閣のニュースがYoutubeから入ってきて穏やかならぬ状況ですが、今日はうんと気儘に静かに自分だけの完全な夏休みを過ごしました。Since Bon is coming soon, I went up to the hilltop graveyard near my house to clean up instead of taking a morning walk. Bon is a Buddhism custom to welcome back the spirits of our ancestors. I took weeds off in the area in July, but it was a month ago and I thought new weeds must be coming out which I wanted to clean again. When I was walking up the hill to the graveyard, I sweat a lot and it felt like a real summer. After coming back home, I took a shower, ate a late breakfast and started reading at the spot where a nice cool breeze came. However, a short while after, I got very sleepy so I lay down on the tatami mat in the next Japanese style room. I felt so good because a nice breeze came from the garden and I was relaxed and comfortable on the Tatami mat. While I was looking at the ceiling while hearing the sound of the wind bell which is the same since I was a child, many old memories came back to my mind. When I heard the siren indicating noon, I got up and started to prepare my lunch. Today I wanted to eat cold noodles which I received from a customer from Aichi the other day. I ate them with many kinds of vegetables, egg and chicken. Aug. 6 is the memorial day of Hiroshima and our nation is in an uncomfortable situation now such as coronavirus, the Senkakus Island dispute. However, I spent all day freely and enjoyed myself very much. It was my nice summer holiday.