Tuesday, July 28, 2020

久々の早朝散歩。雨上がりのせいか山あいに霧が立ち川面も水蒸気で白く覆われて朝ならではの美しい風景です。この間はヒョロヒョロだった竹くんたちは新しい葉を身にまとい流石の成長ぶりを見せてくれていました。その柔らかな緑にうっとり。田んぼの稲も品種によってはもう穂をつけています。これから秋の刈り取りまで、しっかり養分吸って力をつけて雨風にも耐えぬいてほしい、そう願わずにはいられません。I took an early morning walk after a long time. Maybe because it was after rain, fog had risen on the mountain side and the river was covered with white water vapor and the view which I could see only in the early morning was quite beautiful. Last time when I saw young bamboo trees, they looked so thin, but this time they have grown with new leaves. I was fascinated with the fresh soft green bamboo leaves. I could see two different types of rice plants and one of them which already had ears. May these draw water and nutrients from the soil and grow strongly to endure heavy rain and wind until the autumn harvest.