Thursday, July 23, 2020

小学校の読み聞かせから帰ってきて本日注文のお弁当作りに取り掛かろうとナスに包丁を入れていたら、おやっ? 面白いナスに出くわしました。これも近所の野菜市で買った地元のナスです。ヘタを切ってしまった後でしたが、私の遊び心はおさまらず料理は中断。しばらくナスを手に持って考えた末、決めたのがマスク顔。数日前に頂いたばかりの夏用の素敵な手編みのソックスを帽子に。人間ならお鼻もマスクの下でしょうが、それでは立派なナス鼻が見せられません。感染防止の厳重スタイルのおナス様が我が家の座敷におわします。After coming back from storytelling at Taga Elementary School, I was cutting eggplant for preparing box lunch which I already had an order for today, when I found an interesting eggplant. I bought it at a local vegetable market in my neighborhood which opens every Friday. I already cut the tip of the eggplant, but I couldn't help but stop my cooking to play with it. I was holding and watching the eggplant to come up with an idea and a nice inspiration came to my mind. It was a face with a mask. A couple of days ago, I received a pair of hand-made summer socks from my friend and I used it for a hat. I know we have to cover our nose for protection from coronavirus, but I didn't because I wanted to show off his wonderful nose. We have Mr. Eggplant who is protected sufficiently in our cafe and he is sitting in the guest room.