Monday, August 10, 2020

今日も猛暑の1日。カフェの素敵なのれんを作ってくださったのは永源寺の染色家、野田浩二さんで染飾展示会も二度「多賀あさひや」で開催し大勢の方に来ていただきました。その野田さんとお別れしたのが去年。悔しい思いで一杯ですが奥様の公子(こうこ)さんがご自身のインスピレーションで工房兼ご自宅でその後も色々な展示やイベントをなさっています。少し前になりますがうちに来てくださった時にお土産に永源寺名物のコンニャクをいくつか戴きました。珍しいなあと思って冷蔵庫に入れておいた「こんにゃく麺」を今日食卓に出しました。糸こんにゃくよりもっと細くて滑らかでほんのり青のりの香りがします。タレも付いていたので生姜とわかめとゴマを加えて涼しげな夏の一品に。野田さんを偲びながら、そして公子さんの温かさに感謝しながら、美味しく、美味しく戴きました。Today was another extremely hot day. Kohji Noda was an artist in Eigenji who made the beautiful shop curtain for my cafe. He held his exhibitions for two consecutive years at my cafe and many people came. He passed away last year. It was a huge loss. His wife, Kohko got some inspiration and held interesting exhibitions and events after his death. A while ago, when Kohko came to my house, she gave me several kinds of Konnyaku (jelly made from Konnyaku yam routes) which is a famous product in Eigenji. Among them there was a "Konnyaku noodle" and it was the first time for me to get one. I kept it in the refrigerator until today. The noodles are very thin and smooth which have a subtle smell of green laver. Noodle soup was in the same pack, so I put grated ginger, seaweed and sesame seeds on top of the Konnyaku noodles. Both the looks and taste were very good. Thinking of Mr.Noda and feeling of Kohko's friendship, I finished up this nice summer lunch.