Monday, August 17, 2020

昨年12月に彦根で作曲家でジャズピアニストの谷川賢作さんとコンサートをしてくださったカウンターテナー の中嶋俊晴さんがギターリストの岡本拓也さんと武満徹の歌曲を収録したと録画を送ってくださいました。  中嶋さんは彦根出身の声楽家で京都市立芸大から東京芸大へ、さらにウィーン国立音大大学院、アムステルダム音楽院修士課程を最優秀栄誉賞付きで修了してソリストとして欧州を中心に活動なさっています。今年五島記念文化賞オペラ新人賞を獲得。一方、岡本拓也さんは千葉県出身のクラシックギタリストで2018年にウィーン国立音楽大学修士を最優秀成績で終了。日本人で初めてアルハンブラ国際ギターコンクール2位に入賞。このお二人、コロナ禍の芸術家支援の一環として京都市が企画「武満徹の歌曲」を収録なさいました。美しい日本語で丁寧に歌い上げる中嶋さんと謙虚に深い音色で曲に寄り添って弾く岡本さんのギターが素晴らしいです。コロナと連日の猛暑で心穏やかならぬ私たちにはひととき安らぎの時間となることでしょう。来年は多賀あさひやにお二人をお迎えできますように… Countertenor, Toshiharu Nakajima who held a concert at Hikone last December with Jazz pianist, Kensaku Tanikawa, sent an email and video tape. It was a recording tape of songs of Toru Takemitsu with guitar by Takuya Okamoto. Mr. Nakajima is an opera singer who grew up in Hikone and went to Kyoto City University of Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, and Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He finished his master degree with Best Honor Award at Conservatorium van Amsterdam and currently he is singing in Europe mainly as a soloist. This year he was awarded the 31st Gotoh Memorial Foundation Culture Prize for New Opera Performer of the Year in 2020. On the other hand, Mr. Okamoto from Chiba is a classical guitarist and he finished his master degree from University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna with the best grade. He got the second prize at the prestigious Alhambra International Competition in 1918 as the first Japanese finalist. They recorded "Songs of Toru Takemitsu" to support artists amid the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus by the City of Kyoto. Mr. Nakajima sings beautiful Japanese with all his heart and Mr. Okamoto plays guitar accompanying humbly with Nakajima's songs in a deep sound. It is a beautiful recording and I am sure it will be a calm and rich time for us who are in an uneasy situation with the coronavirus and terribly hot days. I am hoping to welcome them in my cafe "Taga Asahiya" next year.

                                             T.Okamoto (guitar) & T.Nakajima (songs)