Sunday, August 30, 2020



横田さんは彦根市在住の画家。美術雑誌「百兵衛」#25, 2013に作品とともに横田さんについての記事が掲載されました。本人による書き直し部分がありますが以下は引用です。「30代の初めに書と出会う。書との出会いは横田にとって思いの外、大きな出来事となった。書塾では古典や詩、小説の一部などの言葉を借り、自らの気持ちを表現した。しかし時を経るに従い、書ではどうしても言葉の存在によって自身と作品との間に埋められない距離、また表現の限界を感じるようになった。現実の世界に生きている自分が考えたことや感情を描いていきたいと考えて、ついには約9年間通った書塾を辞め、墨による自己表現の旅に出た。自分が生きるこの世界に起こる数々の出来事を、深く、広く考え続ける。今感じていることを、どのような色、形、構図で表現すべきなのか試行錯誤しながら描く。その中で絵から力が感じられ、納得できるものだけが横田の作品となれる。ー省略ー」
 私が横田さんに出会ったのは1年前。ある方を介してですが写真集で作品を見せていただきました。墨の濃淡に全身全霊をかけて妥協ない表現に挑むその迫力、墨に表れる凝縮された内面の深い世界、鋭く厳しい反面柔らかな優しさに満ちた作品の数々に衝撃を受け感動しました。今回コロナ禍で例年の京都での個展が開かれず、設備を持たない私どもの古民家ですが、このような会場で横田さんの作品を観ていただくのもまた良いのではないかと開催が決まりました。コロナ感染防止のため1日10人の限定ではありますが、ゆったりした環境で作品と向き合っていただけるでしょう。是非おいでください。尚、お手数ですが電話またはEメールで事前の連絡をお願いいたします。(電話:0749-48-0186、 Eメール

I am pleased to announce Boku-ga (Sumi ink paintings) exhibition by Sunao Yokota in October at Taga Asahiya. Ms. Yokota is a painter who lives in Hikone. There is an article about her which was on art magazine "Hyakubei" in 2013 with her several works. Although the article is partially rewritten by Ms. Yokota, I would like to quote some lines from it: "I encountered Japanese calligraphy when I was in my early thirties and it influenced me more than I expected. At the calligraphy school, I expressed myself by borrowing words from classics, poems and parts of novels. However the more time passed, the more distance I felt between the words and myself which I couldn't resolve and I felt a limitation in my expression because the existence of the words didn't free me. I wanted to express my thoughts and feelings as I live in the real world. Therefore, I decided to leave calligraphy school where I was for nine years and departed for the Sumi-ink world to express myself. I wanted to keep thinking deeply and widely about various events which occurred in the world. Thinking of the color, shape and structure, I draw my painting repeatedly through trial and error and in this process, I feel a sense of power and only the one which I am satisfied with remains as Yokota's work. ---(omitted below) ----". 

I met Ms. Yokota one year ago via my acquaintance. She brought a photo album of her works. I was overwhelmed by her Sumi-ink paintings in which she puts all of herself and never compromises. Her black and white paintings show her deep and condensed world which I felt is sharp and tough but at the same time soft and warm. They struck and moved me very much. Every year Ms. Yokota has her exhibition at the gallery in Kyoto, but due to the Corona situation, it was cancelled this year. so I offered the place instead. It must be a good place to appreciate her paintings. We limit ten people in a day to prevent infection of coronavirus and we ask you to let us know your visit beforehand.(phone:0749-48-0186、