Saturday, January 19, 2019


陽射しのある良い土曜日でした。19日は獅子舞の日と決まっていると 教えてもらっていたので、お金を予め包んでおきました。今年は店内に お客様が多くいらっしゃり、お祓いのようなことをしてもらった後、それぞれ 頭をお獅子に噛んでもらいました。それから、店の外で二つの獅子が鐘と笛の 音に合わせて舞ってくれました。私はもちろんお客様も大喜び。賑やかな一日でした。It was a fine Saturday with lots of sunshine. Jan. 19th is the day that a troupe of Shishi-Kagura comes to our town from Ise in Mie prefecture. I prepared a money offering for the troupe wrapped in Hanshi (Japanese calligraphy paper). This year, there were many customers in the cafe. After they did a purification-like ritual, the Shishi (lion) bit each customers head including mine. Then, two of the lions performed a dance with festival music (flute and bell). We all enjoyed it very much with the Shishimai dance. It was a day full of festive mood.