Thursday, January 24, 2019


朝は雪になっているかと思いましたが、白くなっていずほっとして 8時半からの読み聞かせに小学校に行きました。私の担当は2年い組。 今の小学生は昔話をあまり知らないと聞いていたので「つるのおんがえし」を選びました。大学の演劇部に入った時、最初に大道具で参加したのが木下順二作の「夕鶴」で、当時のことを懐かしく思い出しました。初めは落ち着かなかった男の子たちも途中から集中して聞いてくれているのが分かり嬉しかったです。 ところで、岩手で復興支援をしている山田周生さんが一年振りに車の整備と車検のために滋賀に来られます。それで、急ですが1月30日(水曜日)に私のカフェでお話をしていただくことになりました。びっくりするような経験をお持ちの山田さんです。是非、ご都合をつけておいで下さい。I woke up this morning thinking that it might be snowing, but actually it was not and I was relieved. I went to the elementary school nearby for story telling. This time I read a book for the second graders. I chose the picture book of "Tsuru no On-gaeshi (The Crane of Gratitude). Theatre play " Yuhzuru (The crane wife) by Junji Kinoshita is the same story and it was the first play I participated in as a member of a Japanese dramatic club when I was a college student. I remember the old days. In the reading class, at first a couple of boys were not paying attention but in the middle of the story all of kids listened quietly which made me feel encourage very much. By the way, Mr. Shusei Yamada who is supporting the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake in Iwate will visit Shiga this year too for the maintenance and inspection of his biodiesel car. I received his offer to talk in public at my cafe. I set the day and time for Jan.30 (Wed) 6pm. Since he has had amazing experiences in the past, I hope many people will come to his talk although it is bit sudden notice.