Wednesday, September 5, 2018

9月5日 (水曜日)2018

台風21号は凄まじい雨風で恐怖を覚えるほどでしたが、どうにか私のところは何事もなく通り過ぎていきました。それにしても、日曜日(9月2日2018年)のマリンバコンサートが台風と重ならなくてよかったです。 今年も布谷史人さんが大きなマリンバと共にやってきて下さいました。 去年は90人ちかくの人でお客様に窮屈な思いをさせてしまった為、今回は二度に分けての演奏会でしたが、それでもどちらも70人を越えるお客様で大盛況でした。去年にくらべ、マリンバ経験者が遠くは東京からその他県外からも多数お見えくださいました。国際的に活躍する布谷さんの日本での注目度が上がっている現象でしょう。素晴らしい演奏が間近で見られることに加えて、音楽ホールでは滅多にない布谷さんの話しが何とも魅力だと皆さんおっしゃっていました。 二度目の方、初めての方、それぞれが満ち足りたひとときを過ごされたに違いありません。あの神業とも思える何本ものマレットの動き、リズム感、躍動感、真綿のように軽くそれでいて深く繊細なピアニシモの響き、すべてが布谷さんの表現する世界であり、布谷さんの存在であることに感動します。これからどんな展開があるのでしょうか。日々の練習と磨かれた感性と音楽に真摯に向き合う布谷さんの誠実さにその答えが見えるようです。 Typhoon No.21 was extremely strong which made me fearful, but fortunately it passed without any damage in my house. And yet it was very lucky that the day of the Marimba Concert was just before this big typhoon. This year Mr. Fumito Nunoya came to Taga Asahiya again with a big instrument, his marimba. Last year we had almost 90 people in the audience for the concert and I felt bad because they felt cramped in a confined space. Mr. Nunoya kindly offered two concerts in a day this time so the audience could feel more relaxed. 70 people came to each concert and both of them ended extremely successfully. This time many people who are learning marimba came to the concert which was different from last year. I guess it is evidence that recognition of the internationally known Mr. Nunoya is rising in Japan, too. Many members of the audience were saying that it was very fortunate to see his playing from a very short distance and to be able to hear him talk during the concert, which is something that occurs rarely at his regular performances in big music halls. Whether it was for the second or the first time coming to his concert here at the café, the audience must have all experienced a wonderful moment. His incredible movement of the mallets which I could hardly believe is humanly possible, jaunty rhythms, vibrant and lively feeling and the pianissimo which is like a soft cotton but deep and sensitive -- all of these are aspects of Mr. Nunoya's world of expression and his musical existence, encompassing his philosophy. I am very impressed by his playing. I wonder how he is going to develop further? There might be an answer in his daily practice, his polished sensibility and his sincerity toward the music.