Sunday, September 9, 2018


三日ほど前から毎日天気予報をチェックしていましたが、日曜日は いつ見ても傘か雲から雨が落ちるマークで「雨」の予報は消えませんでしたが、 日曜日当日の朝、意外にも雨はなく陽が差しているではありませんか。 せっかくの多賀大社秋の例祭に雨は非情だと思っていましたが、その後 お天気にはならなかったものの、雨にはならず、行列の皆様には何よりと 思いました。春の大祭に比べて馬の数も少なく寂しいお祭りでしたが 表に出て行列を見ていると、何人ものかたが会釈をして下さいました。 多賀に帰ってから三年弱、お顔を知るかたも増えたものだとありがたく 思いました。I had been checking the weather information everyday since a couple of days ago but this Sunday's weather always indicated a rainy day by an umbrella mark or a cloud with rain drops. The morning of Sunday (today), however, it was not raining and even better, the sun came up! It's the day of the annual fall festival at Taga Taisha and everybody wanted it to be a clear day. After the morning, although it didn't become sunny, it didn't rain either which was fortunate for the people who walked in the procession of the festival. The procession was shorter and with fewer horses compared to the spring festival but I could see many familiar faces in the line and when they saw me, they gave me a smile. It has been almost three years since I came back to Taga and I appreciate the number of the people whom I have gotten acquainted with in town.